Self-sufficiency, a virtuous and admirable trait. What is the result, though, when we rely on our power and plan, failing to fully surrender and listen to God? Do we forego true learning and growth as we focus solely on the result? Is it better to win or learn?

As men, we are conditioned to be providers, leaders, and shelters in the storm for those around us. In an honest moment, how much of our power do we supply? How much of our success is attributed to our work? I would put forth the argument that virtually none of it comes from man. Rather, God is at work in your life, often silently. Humble yourself before God, admitting your shortcomings and seeking His refuge.

We must undergo a change in diction, claiming proudly and openly that it was “He that did this”, rather than “I that did this”. God has blessed you with many talents and treasures, and it is your responsibility to ensure good stewardship of the things that He has provided. Being a strong leader and a strong provider for your family is a must-have, but you would do well to exercise self-awareness and admit freely to your family that it is God that is at work in your life, using you as a prism to ensure that His work is done. Set the proper example for your children, teaching them that it is God that supplies power in your life.

Hard work and humility are strong characteristics to have and demonstrate, but never forget where you came from and who made you. As we try each day to control narratives and control results, we must fully surrender to Him each day and ask that He will be done on Earth, as it is in heaven. I would encourage you all to ensure that the thanksgiving of your prayer sounds and is the same during the peaks and valleys of your life. Self-sufficiency is good, but we often bleed over into the territory of arrogance and selfishness. Deliverance and salvation come from the Lord, but only for those who take refuge in Him.

Men, decouple your efforts from the Lord’s efforts when you take inventory of your life. Continue to work hard and continue to strive for greatness. In your heart and most importantly out of your mouth, proclaim the fact that your power generates from the Lord. Thank Him each day for what he has and has not provided.

Psalms 9 1:2 – “I will give thanks to you, Lord, with all my heart; I will tell of all your wonderful deeds. I will be glad and rejoice in you; I will sing the praises of your name, O most high.”

Written by:
Jeff Simon | 2021