Too often I have looked for answers in the wrong places.

Too often I have asked the wrong questions.

Too often I have immersed myself in a sea of noise hoping to acquire some sort of life-altering wisdom that would lead me in the right direction.

I have come to realize that a great degree of what I’ve tuned my ear to has been nothing but noise for two simple reasons:

  1. A majority of it has been regurgitated time and time again. And frankly, I’ve already acquired much of the info in my past attempts to find a different answer- a magic pill that doesn’t exist.
  2. In my efforts to acquire the magic pill, I failed to do the ONE thing that could have turned the regurgitated, repeated mess into a beautiful catalyst for winning – I failed to take ACTION.

Here is the twist-

I’ve learned that often inaction is the exact action needed. 

Let me explain…

In the sea of noise that tends to hit each of us day-to-day, we often find more…

to do, 

to learn, 

to absorb, 

and we keep indulging ourselves in wave after wave after wave, hoping that one day, the magic pill will wash down our throat and suddenly things will be different.  

What we fail to do is take time to reflect on what we already know, have already acquired, and figure out how it applies to our journey and purpose in this life.  

We fail to find solace in solitude and silence…

where the real work is done. 

Where the real magic happens.  

Where the real ideas come to life and where the real momentum begins.  

There is such a thing as doing all the wrong things. 

I know, I’ve done them all.  

Silence and solitude are counterintuitive. 

We all feel like we must keep moving, keep doing, keep searching, or else, we will fall behind.  

Perhaps the opposite is true?

Maybe indulging in a moment of inaction could be the answer to really tapping into our true power and potential… listening to that which has already been present but has simply been drowned out in the sea of noise.  

Listening doesn’t happen by default.  

Listening happens by design.  

Eliminate the distractions and find yourself some solitude and silence.  

You may be surprised at what you will learn. 

You may learn that all you have needed to get you where and what you want has already been acquired.  

If you feel you could benefit from a little silence, solitude, internal reflection, re-grounding, connecting with nature and your inner voice, I would encourage you to join us at our next ManCamp

Written by Paul Beam